Sensing the Future.

In Numbers


Global automakers rely on Mobileye technology to make their vehicles safer


Vehicles worldwide are equipped with Mobileye technology


188bet官方网站Car models with Mobileye inside

Pillars of Mobileye

Mobileye's business is based on three technological innovations with realistic, scalable go-to-market strategies
Automated Driving

Mobileye's self-driving system is designed with a backbone of a camera-centric configuration. Building a robust system that can drive solely based on cameras allows us to pinpoint the critical safety segments for which we truly need redundancy from radars and lidars. This effort to avoid unnecessary over-engineering or “sensor overload” is key to keeping the cost low.

Driving Policy
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

188bet官方网站 Beyond the fact that ADAS is the core of life-saving technology, it allows us to validate the technological building blocks of autonomous vehicles through our numerous production programs with automakers that submit our technology to the most stringent safety testing. Our ADAS programs – more than 60 million vehicles on roads today – provide the financial “fuel” to sustain autonomous development activity for the long run.


188bet官方网站 Autonomous vehicles will require many system redundancies to deal with unforeseen circumstances. A high-definition map is required for precise localization of the vehicle, relative to road boundaries and intersections, under all conditions. Mobileye's Road Experience Management (REM™), which uses crowd-sourcing, is a unique, low-cost solution for building and rapidly updating this HD map.


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